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Indiana Students Get Fewer State Scholarships Due to New Changes

Receiving a college education may be the single most important accomplishment that one may achieve in their entire life time.

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If you’re an Indiana Student scouting out your college options we have the skinny for you. Unfortunately Indiana State lawmaker’s have just made getting a full state scholarship MUCH TOUGHER. They’ve cut funds that used to provide Indiana students between $40 to $80 million a year in college loans, and they’ve done it be adding new eligibility requirements that make it harder to be accepted. These massive reductions to primary need-based college scholarship programs: 21st Century Scholars program and Frank O’Bannon grants are designed to save the State millions of dollars at the expense of Indiana student’s educational dreams.

The chances to qualify have changed, let’s see how!

To qualify now,  students need to be low-income during middle school, need to have avoided drugs, have clear criminal records, AND must have a highly acceptable GPA per the new-tougher eligibility rules. In addition, the new rules require 21st Century students to meet an income qualification requirement for scholarship renewal if enrolled after 2011. The changes also shift enrollment to seventh or eighth grade, instead of sixth grade, and increase the required grade-point averages for students graduating high school and while in college.

The tougher Requirements have Indiana Middle school students and smart parents alike looking at alternative collegle loan financing now. But don’t fret: If you feel you won’t qualify due to income level, GPA or any of the other above requirements, be assured that you always have options outside of State scholarships.