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Receiving a college education may be the single most important accomplishment that one may achieve in their entire life time.

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Affiliated Computer Services, or ACS, is a Los Angeles based company offering students an online opportunity to learn about the number of ACS college loans available to fund education plans, repayment options, and the rates of interest. Besides information, ACS also offers students the opportunity to repay and track student loans online. The majority of accredited national universities and colleges use ACS college loans as an expert online resource for funding and repayment information.

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The second type of loans ACS can process for students are academic and athletic scholarships. Though each scholarship is unique, some benefits permeate all forms of these financial aid awards for excellence.

Some pertinent points regarding academic and athletic scholarships include:

• Must be proactively applied for by students
• Can cover grants, loans, or fellowships
• May or may not require repayment
• Generally require maintenance of good academic standing
• Available only to excelling or notable students

ACS handles student loans from application to payment; with ACS college loans, convenience, ease, and efficiency never proved so available. ACS provides application forms for a plethora of student financial aid options as well as informative information on the benefits and detriments of each particular selection. Aside from the application process, the ACS system can process two types of student loans, which are loans based on financial need and loans derived from academic and athletic excellence. Of the need-based ACS college loans, the company processes applications Federal Family Education Loans, or FFEL, and campus-based student loans, or CBSL. In organizing, managing, and tracking the loans, ACS denotes campus based student loans, or CBSL, as Perkins Loans, Health Professions Student Loans, or HPSL, and Nursing Student Loans, NSL. CBSL loans are awarded to full-time and part-time graduate and undergraduate students from participating colleges and universities. In this type of loan, schools are lenders, and students repay loans directly to their schools. The counterpart loans of CBSL are FFEL loans, which include Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, and Consolidation Loans. The FFEL program facilitates loans to students through affiliated schools and banking institutions. Borrowers repay their loan debt obligations to the lending financial institution.

Once the student gets the appropriate financial package, ACS becomes his or her online financial assistant. ACS achieves this by giving the student an integrated web payment feature called Express Pay. Here the student can not only repay the loan quickly with an online interface, but access all required information about the loan like the financial data, balance payment history, payoff amount, and interest information. It is also possible to consolidate all student loans taken by a student through the services of ACS. As stated in the ACS website, a student can also apply for and submit an unemployment deferment, economic deferment, or forbearance request for FFEL student loans using an e-signature on the ACS website.

Most educational institutions now use the services of ACS to smooth over the intricate and complicated issues relating to student loans by using internet technology. E-mail notifications are sent to students, tracking every aspect of the loan from the date of application to the date of repayment. A repayment calculator is a constant loan amount ticker, which helps the student handle payments within the framework of a budget. ACS helps students with all online aids for a good financial education package so that education not only becomes possible, but also affordable.

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