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Alternative Student Loans for Bad Credit

Receiving a college education may be the single most important accomplishment that one may achieve in their entire life time.

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Alternative student loans for bad credit allow students with damaged credit histories still to borrow money for colleges and universities. Considering that a college degree is quoted as being the new high school diploma in the modern American workforce, allowing students with blemished credit to finish a college education prevents these students from delving deeper into financial constraints and hardships. The federal government is keen to the benefits that a college graduate can offer the economy in comparison to those possessing only a high school diploma as well.

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For some students with lackluster credit, the ability to receive federal aid is mitigated by circumstance of their parent’s personal income and asset holdings as reported on the FAFSA form. Given that federal aid is granted on a need-basis, many students, who still require financial aid, cannot depend on the loan awards from the Department of Education. These students then turn to alternative student loans for bad credit.

Benefits offered by alternative student loans for bad credit include:

• Provide adequate funding in the form of a single loan
• Offer competitive interest rates with many other lenders
• Allow reasonable repayment periods
• Do not deny students on a need-basis
• Process loans in a matter of minutes in most cases
• Allows for rebuilding of personal credit worthiness

For this reason, coupled with the fact most prospective and current college students typically have no credit whatsoever, the application for federal student aid, which is the FAFSA form, requires no credit history information in any regards. Currently according to Nellie Mae and the most recent reports from the Government Office of Accountability, the average American college student accrues almost $3,000 in credit card debt prior to graduation. While not all of these credit card balances are necessarily in default, the vast majority exhibit poor repayment behaviors and practices on behalf of their student holder, thus detrimentally affecting credit scores. Luckily, the federal government loan programs, as well as a number of alternative student loans for bad credit programs, do not generally deem credit history as a mandatory assessment figure in giving away student loan money.

The most important benefit of alternative student loans for those with poor credit clearly is that these loans provide the money immediately necessary for students to start or continue their education. When other options dwindle down to nonexistent, alternative student loans always are available to prospective borrowers. In fact, according to the College Board in 2007, the private lending industry increased loan volume by 300% in the last five years to a total borrower volume of $17.3 billion for the 2006 academic year. This trend will only increase exponentially as a weakened industrial complex continues to plague the United States and parents’ financial flexibility as well.

Current rates on student loans for bad credit widely vary from lender to lender. Some reputable lenders, such as Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo, offer interest rates on private loans that rival those of federal lending rates, which is slightly less than 10% in most instances. Other lenders, however, extend bad credit loans to students at exorbitant interest rates as high as 25%, which proves alarmingly similar to rates of credit card debt in default. Having an omnipresent industry resource when searching for alternative student loans is crucial, and with the vast reaching resources of the Internet, online loan service companies regularly locate and help students apply for their dream loans within moments of contact.

Do you need alternative student loans for bad credit?
Apply for alternative student loans for bad credit today.