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Receiving a college education may be the single most important accomplishment that one may achieve in their entire life time.

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However misunderstood the topic of high school loans proves to be, the fact of the matter is that many American high school students rely on high school loans to finance their education. According to statistics derived from the United States Department of Education, the national average expense of private high school education for one academic year costs each student an estimated $16,000 in the year 2008. Statistics also go on to show the cost of private high school education climbs at a steadily increasing rate each and every year. Even with such exorbitant costs, many parents feel their children will highly benefit from a private high school education.

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In 2008, an estimated 1.35 million of the 16.25 million high school students attend private schools according to the National Center for Education statistics.

Some of the purported benefits of a private school experience include:

  • College preparatory environment
  • Lower student to teacher ratio than public schools
  • A community of learning and growth
  • Highly involved guidance counselors and advisors
  • Stricter disciplinary and behavior guidance codes
  • Higher graduation and college acceptance rates
  • Higher standardized testing scores
  • Higher educational experience satisfaction for parents and students

Clearly, given the constant news of dropout rates and failings amongst the public education systems, a private high school experience offers students a huge help when facing the inevitable period of selecting and applying to colleges. For parents, the choice to utilize high school loans to finance a child’s enhanced future is understatedly a commendable one. Placing children in college preparatory high school programs is best route for parents wishing their children to experience successful and lucrative future careers. At the end of the day, the investment in a private school experience will most likely pay off exponentially for students and parents alike. Do not let economic misconceptions to deter the prospective high school students from a premier education when ample resources for funding private school educations are available.

Finding financing for private schools usually begins with the school itself. As part of the appreciation of the private school experience, many alumni prove generous enough to provide endowments or other general scholarship funds. In other cases, the school itself might have in place a general scholarship pool, financial aid assistance, or endowment, which allows deserving and desiring students to attend a given institution. When parents and students exhaust these options, further help finding high school loans is available.

Private lending companies currently offer prospective or current high school students the option to finance their private education via loan products. One popular example comes in the form of the AchieverLoan offered by KeyBank. AchieverLoans presents parents alternatives to financing a private kindergarten through twelfth grade experience. Another similarly popular choice includes JP Morgan & Chase Co. The lending institution aids families wishing to fund primary and high school level educations specifically through the Chase Education One Loan. Borrowers with excellent credit are offered up to $30,000 dollars annually with interest rate reductions based on creditworthiness as well as the option to setup automatic monthly withdrawals for billing. A third bank offering options in the high school loan arena is Citibank. Citibank offers the Citiassist program, which allows approved borrowers to utilize $15,000 annually to fund a private education. Additionally with the Citiassist program, co-signers can back loans and reduce interest rates greatly. The Citiassist loan program allows borrowers up to a decade to repay the principal loan amount with interest. Overall, students and parents truly wishing for an exceptional private school experience have a plethora of resources at their command currently. Contacting for more assistance is the next simple step.

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